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NASA finds evidence of liquid water on Mars

In hellas impact basin.

But the composition and source of water is it still unknown.

Super moon and tidal flooding

Super moon is a perigian spring tide that occur when the moon is either New or full and closest to the earth (perigee) causing increased tidal ranges or increased current speeds then those experiences during the normal spring tides .
Tidal flooding is caused during super moon or King tide


Controversy between internet.org and net neutrality

Net neutrality is a term used to define the availability of Internet without favouring any particular domain, it’s related to free assess to Internet.
Recently Facebook launched with corporation of Reliance Telecom the service of internet.org in India to extend the reach of Internet and reduce the digital divide.
It has been viewed against the principle of net neutrality.
Boston based startup Jana has claimed to provide free access of Internet to billions of people without playing the role of the keeper its smartphone users by the reimbursing the cost of software and providing free assess 2 any online content.

Chinook and Apache helicopter

INS Kochi

  • is a second ship of Kolkata class guided missile destroyer
  • can achieve speed in excess of 30 knots.
  • it’s fitted with Advanced Supersonic and long range Brahmos surface to surface missile

Catalonia demands its independence from Spain

  • They belief that their region get an unfair deal and contributes too much tax.
  • Catalonia has troubled existence with Spain and its dates back to 15th century when the union of Crowns of Castile and Aragon laid the foundation of modern Spain
  • They are culturally and linguistically distinct
  • Its autonomy was revoked and its language depressed under the Franco dictatorship
    After the 2008 financial crisis Independence sentiments have grown stronger


Good or bad terrorism

Prime Minister Modi stated that world should stop differentiating between good and bad terrorism
even after 70 years United Nation is unable to define terrorism
its important as USA started negotiating with the good taliban in Afghanistan and today Thaliban seized Half of key Afghan City of Kunduz

Health statics in India

There is lack of standardisation and as a result of no two set of data are comparable

This lead to several data Gaps and experts cannot say for sure whether a particular Policy was responsible for the improvement or not,

Various health statics in India are:-

  • National family health survey
  • district level health surveys a
  • annual health surveys (recent)
  • UNICEF rsoc
  • Hungama survey by the Nandi Foundation

Merger of the Forward Market Commission with SEBI

  • It will allow the integrity of financial markets
  • boost liquidity and improve the price Discovery process
  • salutary impact on the spot commodity market ,while strengthening it with the transparent system in place it will minimize the turf battle between multiple oversight agencies.

   But there will be challenges for SEBI such as :-

  • jurisdictional power of the state government over agricultural marketing and political science activities involved with farm commodities
  • Price volatility
  • Lack of institutional players to impart greater liquidity in trading



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