Indian Religious Books


Puranas Divided into sarga, pratisarga, manvantantar, vamsa (genealogical list of kings) &
vamsanucharita. 18 main puranas & 18 subsidiary puranas.
Vedas Meaning “knowledge”. Rigveda (hymns), Yajurveda (sacrificial formulae), Atharvaveda
(magical charms & spell), Samveda. Vedas are called aparusheya (not created by man) &
Upanishads About 200 in number. Deal with philosophy. Oldest & most important are Chhandogya &
Brihadranyaka. Other important are Kathak, Isa, Mundaka, Prasna etc. Do not believe in
sacrificial ceremonies.
Brahmanas Talks about vedic hymns, their application, stories of their origin. Each Brahmana is
associated with one of the four VedasAitareya brahmana is associated with Rig Veda &
Satapatha Brahmana with Yajur veda.
Aranyakas Meaning ‘the forest books’. They discuss philosophical meditation  & sacrifice.
Vedangas Evolved for proper understanding of the Vedas. Six in all: Siksha (phonetics), Kalpa
(rituals), Vyakarna, Nirukta (Etymology) Chhanda (metrics) & Jyotisha.
Vedanta Advaita Vedanta of Adi Sankara.




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