Andhra Pradesh: Minerals


Andhra Pradesh is very rich in terms of minerals availability.

Andhra Pradesh is first in production of below minerals in India:



Now we will see status of Andhra Pradesh in various minerals


Andhra Pradesh is the largest mica producing state of India.The mica mining area lies in Nellore district and is 100 km long and 25 km wide.

Nellore mica is generally light green in colour; it is generally stained and spotted. The other districts with workable mica deposits are Vishakhapatnam, West Godavari. Shah mine in Gudur taluka is the deepest with mining being done at 300 m depth.

The state production of Mica is almost 72 per cent of all India production. In the recent years, share of Andhra Pradesh has increased in respect to mica production.




Andhra Pradesh possesses about one-third of the total reserves of the cement grade limestone in the country. Extensive deposits occur in Kadapa, Kurnool, Guntur.



The Tummalapalle Mine is a uranium mine in Tumalapalli village located in Kadapa of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Results from a research conducted by the Atomic Energy Commission of India in 2011 made the analysts conclude that this mine might have one of the largest reserves of uranium in the world.



Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of Asbestos in India. Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh have Asbestos mines.



In the below table we can see total reserves of minerals inAndhra Pradesh:


Mineral Unit Total  Resources
Apatite Tonnes 237860
Asbestos Tonnes 56530
BallClay Tonnes 51281300
Barytes Tonnes 68478435
Calcite Tonnes 8798785
China Clay Tonnes 74175.77
Dolomite Tonnes 1182452.39
Feldspar Tonnes 21798561
Fire Clay Tonnes 23213.74
 Garnet Tonnes 19064747
 Iron Ore  (Heamatite) Tonnes 381478
Laterite Tonnes 26257
Limestone Tonnes 37436377
Manganese Ore Tonnes 17598.11
Mica Kg 220786228
Ochre Tonnes 10883065
Pyrophyllite Tonnes 1350232
Quartz & Silica Sand  ‘000 Tonnes 209031
Quartzite  ‘000 Tonnes 23583
Shale 000 Tonnes 15911
Sillimanite Tonnes 9644500
Vermiculite Tonnes 354176


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