Andhra Pradesh: Wildlife and Ecotourism


Wildlife of Andhra Pradesh is very rich and the various sanctuaries and national parks protect it. These are good source of ecotourism in the Andhra Pradesh.

Ecotourism have potential in Andhra Pradesh due to various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

National parks of Andhra Pradesh

S. No. Name of National Park State Total Area (In km²)
1 Sri Venkateswara National Park 1989 353.62
2 Rajiv Gandhi National Park 2005 2.4
3 Papikonda National Park 2008 1012.86


Wildlife Sanctuaries of Andhra Pradesh

S.No. Name of  Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS) Year Area (in km²)
1 Coringa WLS 1978 235.7
2 GundlaBrahmeswaram WLS 1990 1,194.00
3 Kambalakonda WLS 2002 71.39
4 Koundinya WLS 1990 357.6
5 Kolleru WLS 1953 308.55
6 Krishna WLS 1989 194.81
7 NagarjunaSagar-Srisailam WLS 1978 3568.09
8 Nellapattu WLS 1976 4.59
9 Pulicat Lake WLS 1976 500
10 Rollapadu WLS 1988 6.14
11 Sri Lankamalleswara WLS 1988 464.42
12 Sri PenusilaNarasimha WLS 1997 1,030.85
13 Sri Venkateswara WLS 1998 172.35



Bird sanctuariesof Andhra Pradesh

Bird sanctuaries attracts bird watchers and lovers from all over the world .

Atapaka Bird Sanctuary

It is also known as Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest freshwater lake located in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The sanctuary falls under Kaikalur Forest Range. It is one of the Ramsar convention wetland sites, spread over an area of 308.55 km2 (119.13 sq mi).

Telineelapuram and Telukunchi Bird Sanctuaries

It is located in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. Every year, over 3,000 pelicans and painted storks visit from Siberia to these villages during September and stay until March.

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary

It is a famous 481 km2 Protected area in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh state. Pulicat Lake is the second largest brackish-water ecosystem in India. Central location is: 13°34′N 80°12′E. 327.33 km2 is managed by the Andhra Pradesh Forest Departmentand 153.67 km2 is managed by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. 108 km2 is national park area.


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