Administration and Management;Role in developed and developing societies


Following are the major role of administration and management in developing


 promotion of a rational development of economic proportions through macroregulation,

 control of the privatization process of state-owned enterprises and public services, securing free competition and transparency in its implementation,

 securing an effective exercise of ownership rights of the State and other public entities,

 support of the private sector, especially of small and medium-sized enterprises, the development of effective cooperative relations between the public and private sectors,

 drafting and implementing effective sectoral policies, especially securing internal and external security, regional policy, transport policy, information and communication policy, environmental policy, education policy, social policy, employment policy and health care policy.

Following are the major role of administration and management in developed


 The first problem which is kind of basic is the lack of coherence between numerous service providing agencies and regulatory bodies. The problem especially surfaces at the local levels where the authorities design their own programs and also run the programs funded by the national authorities. The other example can be dominance of politicians in the matters of specialized domains of bureaucracy.

 Most of the developed states, especially of Europe are called Administrative States and their bureaucracies perform certain specific functions. Rumki Basu in her book Public Administration: Concepts and Theories explains these functions. According to her, the public administration in these countries performs regulatory functions while ensuring the enforcement of law and order, collection of revenues and the national defense against aggression.

 The public administration provides a range of services like education, health, cultural, insurance, housing, unemployment benefits and communication and transport. They also play an important role in bringing about the economic growth of the country by operating industries, giving loans etc.

 The present day challenges in the developed countries are primarily economic. The economic depression has put immense pressures on the services provided by the government. A lot of reforms have been proposed in which the state resources are being closely administered. The withdrawal of certain benefits has left the public administration of the countries exposed to a lot of criticism and flag from the common people. The regulatory role of public bodies has also come under scrutiny for their failure to prevent major upheavals from taking place. As things improve, the role and challenges of public administration shall change once again.

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