Best Wishes for RAS/RTS 2013 Mains and BaBa Jee Ghuttiii

A Very Best Wishes to all the RAS/RTS Aspirants from the team.
BaBa Jee wishes you a very best of luck for you future endeavour and gives final tips as his sanjeevani booti prior to exam, which are as follows:-

1.RPSC is very strict with word limits so don’t exceed your word limit at any cost.

2.Try to write you answer in points for 4 and 6 marks question for focused presentation.

3.Don’t loose your focus as your performance of earlier exams should not effect the later exams.

4.In Paper 1,2 and 3 first try to complete 2 marks questions in first 30 minutes.

5.Then focus on 4 marks question and finally on 6 marks question.

6.Reason:- Copies are checked from 1-last and thus your best handwriting should be in the starting pages secondly,2 and 4 marks questions fetches more marks.

7.Leave the question you don’t have any idea as it would be having a negative effect on your other answers in the examiner mind.

8.Don’t fill the pages just for the shake of writing, be specific and focused in your answers.

9.Try to identify the key points points of the question and underline them if you are provided separate question paper like upsc so that you dont miss any part of the question.

10.Try not to discuss with the students at the examination center as the may try to demoralize you(many are just show off).

11.Try to reach earlier to your center and follow the proper dress code as mentioned by RPSC.

12.Carry Extra pens and extra copy of your admit card along with ID proof and recent passport size photo.

For any doubt please leave a comment or Ask a question to BaBaJee

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