Congress Sessions

1885 W.C. Bannerjee Bombay  
1886 Dadabhai Naroji Calcutta  
1887 Badruddin Tyabji Madras  
1888 George Yule Allahabad  
1889 William Weederburn Bombay  
1905 G.K. Gokhale Banaras – Issues like welcoming the prince of wales led to feud  
1906 Dadabhai Naoroji Calcutta – Approval of issues of swadesi & national education.  
    Dadabhai Naoroji was chosen as compromise president. He  
    declared swaraj as the objective.  
1907 Rashbihari Bose Surat – split  
1912 R.N. Madholkar Bankipur. Shortest session as the efforts to make Aga Khan  
    preside over proved futile.  
1916 Ambika Charan Lucknow.  
1920   Calcuttta. Approval of Non cooperation Movement  
1921   Ahmedabad – intensify Non Copperation Movement.  
1924 Mahatma Gandhi Belgaun  
1928 Motilal Nehru Calcutta. Adopted the Nehru Report – Constitution.  
1929 Jawahar Nehru Lahore. The resolution demanding complete independence was  
    passed on the banks of river Ravi.  
1930   No session but Independence Day Pledge adopted on 26th January  
1938 S.C. Bose Haripura.  
1939 S.C. Bose Tripuri. Formed ‘Forward Bloc’.
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