Current Affairs -Guess papers RAS RTS Mains

  1. Amitabh Kant
  2. Operation Steeple chase
  3. R Ashwin
  4. Black Thunder
  5. Golden triangle
  6. Radha Krishna mathur
  7. Universal declaration of human right
  8. Sachar committee
  9. Cyber Squatting
  10. Central Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  11. Juvenile Justice (care and protection of children) Bill 2015
  12. Dhanlaxmi Scheme
  13. Justic Verma Committee
  14. Sabla Scheme
  15. Aapni Rasoi
  16. Explain the reasons behind regional imbalance
  17. What are the implications of entreme urbanization.
  18. Pt. Deendayal Rurben Integration Scheme
  19. National Games – 2015
  20. Hawala Transaction
  21. IMDT Act 1983.Give the information related to the IMDT Act. 1983
  22. Mention the causes responsible for illegal immigration
  23. What do you understand by pressure groups
  24. What are the reasons behind increases feminization of agriculture in India.
  25. Odd – Even Rule .What will be the impact of odd – Even Rule of Delhi
  26. Intolerance is the most severe problem in contemporary India.
  27. What are the problem faced by old age people in India.
  28. What has been the state of land reforms in India post Independence
  29. Sex ratios in tribal’s are more favorable to women as compared to that in scheduled caste do you view this paradox.
  30. What impacts has globalization had on women in India.
  31. how can cyber crimes be controlled
  32. Mention the adverse impacts of child labour and suggest how can it be prevented.
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