DMPQ: Rajasthan foundation: its composition, objective and function. 

Rajasthan Rajasthan Foundation was established on 30th March,

2001 with the objective of facilitating continuous communication and interaction to motivate theDiaspora for increasing their participation in thedevelopment activities of the state, with the Hon’bleChief Minister of Rajasthan as its Chairman, whileChief Secretary as Chairperson of its Executive Committee.


Objective: To motivate the Non residentrajasthanies to contribute towards the socio-economic development of their motherland.


  • Channel of communication, opened 12 chapters in different cities. Function of chapters is to organized meetings and to enroll new members,
  • Aggressively marketing Rajasthan as a destination for investment in the social sector through interaction with eminent Rajasthani Diaspora in various cities.
  • Publishing of bilingual quarterly news letter-
  • Facilitator for solving the issues faced by NRR and NRI., encouraging them to do charitable work



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