DMPQ- What do you mean by Ex-Situ Conservation?

Ex-Situ Conservation

Conservation of plants and animals outside their natural homes

Offsite Collections – 1500 botanical gardens and 800 zoological gardens – captive breeding program (species with less number of individuals – when number increases they are released in wild) – restock depleted population, reintroduce species in wild and restore degraded habitats

Gene Banks – stock of viable seeds, live growing plants, tissue culture and frozen germplasm

  • Seed banks – orthodox seeds (tolerate reduction in moisture, low anaerobic conditions & low temperature for prolonged period) and recalcitrant seeds (killed on reduction of moisture or temperature like jackfruit, cocoa, tea and coconut)


  • Orchards – Plants with recalcitrant seeds are grown in orchards where all possible strains are maintained – litchi, oil palm



  • Tissue Culture – callus, embryoid, pollen grain culture, shoot tip culture for seedless plants, recalcitrant seeds, variable seed progeny or clones to be maintained – banana, potato.


  • Cryopreservation – preservation at -196 ℃ (liquid nitrogen)
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