Religious Movements in Rajasthan


Rajasthan is blessed with multi-religious society and all the religions found in the country are practiced in Rajasthan in Harmony to each other. Vedic Religion has been practiced in the state since ancient times and worship of sun has been center of religious practice for several communities.

Religious movements in Hinduism:-                             

Ancient vedic religion was rejuvenated by the Sancracharya and sevral cults were developed within the hindu religion which are as follows:-

  1. Jasnathji Cult:-Jat origin,detached people, followers tie black wollen thread in neck and practice undergroung meditation.The cult has code of cunduct with 36 norms.
  2. Vaishnav Cult:-They worship Lord Krishna in his childhood forma and are called Bhaktimargi.Followers worship Vishnu, the Supreme Lord  and his ten avatars, including Rama and Krishna. The adherents of this sect are generally monastic and devoted to meditative practice and ecstatic chanting.
  3. Ramanuj Cult:- They worship Lord Rama,and  believe in the the epistemic and soteriological importance of bhakti, or the devotion to a personal God  as a means to spiritual liberation.
  4. Nimbhark Cult:-  They propogated the Vaishnava Theology of Dvaitadvaita (dvaita-advaita) or “dualistic non-dualism”.They worship Radha-Krishna.
  5. Gauriya Cult:- Special influence in Radha Krishna worship in the region of Jaipur,Sawaimadhopur and Karauli.
  6. Dadupanti Cult:- Dadu Dayal was a brahmin of Ahemdabad who founded the Dadhupant, his sermons of 5000 verses are found in Daduvani.The followers of Dadupant wear saffron clothes and main seat is at narena. The chief goal of the cult is attainment of untainted formless through the blessing of the preceptor by the way of following the path of knowledge and opposition to idolatry and discrimination.
  7. Ram Snehi Cult:- worshiper of lord Rama with main seat at Banswara.
  8. Kabirpanthi Cult:- They worship formless god, The saints belloging to Kabirpant do not marry and make people of all caste as their people.
  9. Bishnoipanth Cult:- Jambaji is the pioneer of the cult and is thought to be incarcination of Lord Vishnu.
  10. Nath Cult:-Prevalent in Jodhpur.



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