APPCS Mains DMPQ Program- Daily APPSC Mains Answer writting

Revised Launch of our Mains DMPQ Program under the expert guidence of Sri Shresth Dixit, who will be the program cordinator for the DMPQ Program. Students may contact for any querries with Sri Shresth Dixit on

The most important features of the revised DMPQ are as follows:-

  • Now the model answers will be provided for all the questions of DMPQ.
  • Daily Set will include 6 questions (5 related to GS part of syllabus )
  • Questions of DMPQ will be different from the mains test series and it is a humble request to even the subscribers of Mains test series to actively participate in Mains answer Writing practice.
  • The Program will be completely FREE
  • Reviews by the team will be furnished for the students answers along with suggessions.

Day 36 DPMQ Click Here for Mains Answer Writing (05-10-2018)

TOD: 1) Be the change you want to see in the world.

2) We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.

3) Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.

FOD: India’s energy consumption per capita is just 806 kwh. For USA the figure is 12,984…..( world bank.. think where it can be used)

India occupies 2.4% of the total world land but population is 17% of the world population.

The national density of doctors was 79.7 per lakh population, of nurses and midwives 61.3 per lakh, and of dentists just 2.4 per lakh.

  1. Why twin deficit is a concern for any economy? Outline the methods adopted by Government of India to deal with twin deficit. ( Economy)
  2. Indian economy is a gamble of Monsoon. In this context explain the mechanism of monsoon? ( Geography)
  3. What is Industrial revolution 4.0? Major components of IR 4.0? What are the advantages for India? ( Science)
  4. 44th Amendment Act 1978, not just reversed the distorted provisions of 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 1976, but also inserted some safeguards for preventing the gross misuse of power. In the light of above statement, outline the important changes brought through 44th Amendment act. ( Polity)
  5. Why there was the need of an all India organisation which later in came in the form of congress?
  6. Explain the following:

1) Sanskritisation

2) Working capital

3) Caste system

4) Social accounting

Day 29 DPMQ Click Here for Mains Answer Writing (28-09-2018)
Day 31 DPMQ Click Here for Mains Answer Writing (30-09-2018)

TOD: Envt. Pollution does not know the political boundary.

FOD: India’s Cash/gdp aprox.12%

  1. What were the objectives of Demonetisation? What were the positive effects? ( Economy/ GS 1)
  2. What is Trade parity Price? ( /2marker/economy/GSI)
  3. What is e-way bill? ( /2 marker/GS1/economy)
  4. What is OPEC? ( – 2 marker/ International relation/GSIII)
  5. What is Communalism and Communal violence? How to fight against communalism? ( Sociology)
  6. What were the most significant changes and outcomes of the world War II? ( / world History syllabus)
  7. Western Ghats in Karnataka receive more monsoon rainfall than Mahahtra and Kerala.Explain (Geography)
  8. Explain the cleansing action of Soap?( GS II/ General Science)


Daily Mains Practice Questions- DMPQ is a free for all initiative by PSCNotes Team just like daily current affairs program to provide 2 questions from each paper daily to cover the entire syllabus of Mains for the aspirants.

How is it different from our regular test series program?

  • First of all this program will be free and it’s basically a peer group support system where the aspirants themself analyse the ans of others and get mutually benefitted.

How it will work ?

  • The ans could be uploaded or typed in the comment box. It would be beneficial for the Mains students to write the ans on paper and upload the images in the comment box.