Andhra Pradesh: Migration


Migration is very important subject matter since after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh in 2013. The sate has been bifurcated into two states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with Hyderabad as common capital for 10 years. People of Hyderabad are given grant to migrate to any part of Andhra Pradesh to reside and have domicile status of that district.

The Government has made amendments to the Article 371 D clauses 1 and 2 and entered the guidelines related to admissions in educational institutions (of Act 1974) and AP Public Employment (local cadre and appointments) Act 1975. The Government of Andhra Pradesh will issue detailed guidelines to implement these orders.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has also issued Gazette notification to this effect. The students who studied in Telangana for so many years can now migrate to AP and claim local status in admissions and employment.

The local status is valid to the Government employees and common people who migrate from Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana to Andhra Pradesh. They can claim local status of any district after migration.


Migration can be subcategorized into following two:

  1. Internal Migration
  2. External Migration


  1. Internal Migration :

Migration within the state is called internal migration. In case of Andhra Pradesh, it is usually associated migration from Chitoor, Cuddapah district to humid irrigated district West Godavari. Farmers get employment their as daily labor. People also move to port –led areas like Vishakhapatnam and Vijyawada.

  1. External Migration:

People of Andhra Pradesh from semi arid areas, usually migrate to other states in search of livelihood. Generally, they go to either Tamil Nadu or Gujarat. They also move to foreign countries. This is called external Migration.

Future Perspective:

Migration in Andhra Pradesh is not as vibrant as in some other states of India like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Migration is prevalent in those state because of resource crunch. Andhra Pradesh is a new state with vast coast line and lot of water resources and land resources. Migration can be stopped to a larger extent by proper utilization of resources and proper planning.

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