Leadership is the process, which influences the people and inspires them to willingly accomplish the organisational objectives. The main purpose of managerial leadership isto gets willing cooperation of the workgroup to achieve the goals.

Leadership is the ability to persuade and motivate others to work in desired way for achieving the goals. Thus, a person who is able to influence others and make them follow his instructions is called a leader.

Leadership and Management are two separate concepts.

Leadership exists in both formal and informal organization but Management operates in formal organization.


Leadership Styles :


  • Autocratic or Authoritarian Style : 2 types

Pure autocrative or negative Leader : Dictator & makes all decisions by himself.

Benevolent autocrat or Positive Leader : Reward power to influence subordinate and welfare of subordinates.


  • Participative Leaders : Decentralise authority, Such leaders involve subordinates in decision-making process.


  • Free-rein or Laissez – faire Style : Leaders uses his power very little, gives high degree of freedom to his subordinates in their operation. Aids subordinates in performing their job.



  • Paternalistic Leadership : It is authoritarian by Nature. Heavily work-centred but has consideration for subordinates.


Leadership Qualities: – In order to be successful, a leader must possess certain qualities. A good leader should be professionally competent, intelligent, analytical and he/she should have a sense of fair play, including honesty, sincerity, integrity, and sense of responsibility. He must possess initiative, perseverance, be diligent and realistic in his outlook. He must also be able to communicate his subordinates effectively. Human relation skills are must for any leader. Earlier, it was believed that the success or effectiveness of a leader depends upon his personal traits or characteristics, like physical appearance, intelligence, self-confidence, alertness, and initiative.

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