New developments in criminal laws, Nirbhaya Act

New developments in criminal laws The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2018 The Lok Sabha has passed the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2018 that proposes to enhance punishment for rape of a child. The Bill provides for death penalty as the maximum punishment in cases of rape of a child under 12. The Bill seeks to … Read more


Definition: Industrial legalizations are the laws enacted by the Government to provide economic and social justice to the workers in industries. Generally these laws provide guidelines to the employers/industrialists in dealing with the matters of wages, wage incentives, facilitates for workers and the working conditions of labour. Necessity: Improves industrial relation i.e. employee-employer relations and … Read more

Concept Of Social Welfare Legislations In India

Concept of Social Legislation Legislation is an instrument to control, guide and restrain the behaviour of individuals and groups living in society. Individuals and groups left in absolute freedom may clash with each other in the pursuit of their self interest at the cost of others.They cause grave harm to society leading to chaos. Legislation … Read more

Changing Trends In Employment And Necessity For New Labour Laws

  JOB CREATION   As outlined in the NITI Aayog’s Action Agenda, India suffers more from the problem of underemployment (i.e. low-productivity, low-wage jobs) than unemployment as for example: In 2011-12, agriculture engaged nearly 50% of the workforce but contributed 15% to GDP In 2010-11, within manufacturing, small firms employed 72% but output was only … Read more

Cyber Laws: Information Technology Act – Cyber Security and Cyber Crime – difficulties in determining competent jurisdiction of courts in case of cyber-crimes

Challenges to Internal security through communication networks Communication networks are a part of our critical information infrastructure. Communication networks refer to an interconnection of communicating entitiessuch as computers, laptops, mobiles, telephones etc. via which provides the basis for information exchange for all other sectors including voice, data, video, and Internet connectivity.   Communication network should not be confused with … Read more

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