Social Forestry

Social Forestry The National Commission on Agriculture, Government of India, first used the term ‘social forestry’ in 1976. It was then that India embarked upon a social forestry project with the aim of taking the pressure off the forests and making use of all unused and fallow land. Government forest areas that are close to … Read more

Energy Policies in India and Energy security

National Energy Policy There are four key objectives of National energy policy: Access at affordable prices,Improved security and Independence, Greater Sustainability and Economic Growth. Considering poverty and deprivation in India, access to energy for all at affordable prices is of utmost importance. We are yet to provide electricity to nearly 304 million people, and clean … Read more

Concerns and challenges use of science and technology

Concerns and challenges use of science and technology Digital technology and problems Social Media is an entirely different issue, especially with the upcoming generations. Without Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and more, where would tweens and teenagers find themselves today. They physically cannot function without staying updated with the newest social media craze. News flash: people … Read more

Salient features of Nuclear Policy of India; Development of Nuclear programmes in India, Nuclear  Policies at the International level and India’s stand on them.

TRENDS IN NUCLEAR POLICY, NPT AND CTBT Nuclear policy of india Important points of india’s nuclear policy are as follows: Building and maintaining a credible minimum deterrent. nuclear weapons will only be used in retaliation against a nuclear attack on Indian Territory or on Indian forces elsewhere. Nuclear retaliation to a first strike will be … Read more

Science & Technology in everyday life

  Professor Freeman J. Dyson, of Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, in his book “Infinite in all Directions,” had this to say about Technology: “Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of Life, it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilization, of Arts and of Sciences. Technology … Read more

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