DMPQ-. Discuss the implications of Govt.’s decision to privatize the railway.

. Indian Railways has launched the process of opening up train operations to private entities on 109 origin destination(OD) pairs of routes using 151 modern trains. It has invited Request for Qualifications proposals, for scrutiny of vendor capabilities, from those who can bring modern trains for operations on existing rail infrastructure. At present, scheduled passenger … Read more

DMPQ-. Define bilateral investment treaty. Explain it’s significance for India’s development.

Bilateral investment Treaties (BITs) are agreements between two Countries (States) for the reciprocal promotion and protection of investments in each other’s territories by individuals and companies situated in either State. It was in mid 90s that the BITs were initiated by the Government of India. The pretext was to offer favourable conditions and treaty based … Read more

DMPQ-. Write an essay on blue-green model of development.

The green economy and the blue economy have both received significant attention in small states, particularly small islands developing states (SIDS), as alternative economic approaches to address growing financial uncertainty and vulnerability. Although there is still debate on what is meant by the green or blue economy, they have been promoted as offering a more … Read more

DMPQ-. Critically evaluate India’s election funding system.

. Government has introduced three major changes since in the mechanics of political funding in India- political parties can now receive foreign funds; any company can donate any amount of money to any political party; and any individual, group of people or company can donate money anonymously to any party through electoral bonds. All three … Read more

DMPQ-“Changing monsoon pattern in India is effecting it’s Agriculture.” Comment

. The changing monsoon patterns have become a major concern for farmers, scientists and policy-makers alike. For instance, researchers at the India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) Pune wing, which handles long-range forecasts, have concluded that the June-September monsoon is increasingly becoming more sluggish in the initial phase, picking up towards the end. Although such late revival … Read more

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