Development Experience And Development Planning Of India

 Development Experience  and Development Planning of India Poverty, low per capita income, under-development, unemployment, prompted the newly established Indian polity to adopt economic planning for the development of the country. The idea of economic planning can be traced to 1934, when M. Visvesverayya in his book 'Planned Economy of India', advocated for planning to … Read more

Economic Reforms In India

 New Industrial Policy Under Industrial Policy, keeping in view the priorities of the country and its economic development, the roles of the public and private sectors are clearly decided. Under the New Industrial Policy, the industries have been freed to a large extent from the licenses and other controls. In order to encourage modernisation, … Read more

District Planning Committee And Planning

 The institution of District Planning Committee as envisaged in the 73rd Constitution Amendment Act (73rd CAA) is the realisation of consistent and conscious effort towards decentralised planning since the process of planned development began in the country. The desire for decentralised planning was first expressed way back in the first five year plan (1951-56), … Read more

Make In India Start Up And Stand Up Programmes

 Make-in India – Start- up and Stand-up programmes Make-in India Make in India is the government's flagship campaign intended to boost the domestic manufacturing industry and attract foreign investors to invest into the Indian economy. The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi first mentioned the keyphrase in his maiden Independence Day address from the … Read more

Concept Of Social Legislation

   OBJECTIVES OF SOCIAL LEGISLATION : Social legislation derives its inspiration from our constitution and has the following specific objectives: i)Removal of discrimination on the grounds of sex, religion, caste, class etc. and promotion of equality to all. ii)Safeguard the rights of the weaker section such as women, children, elderly, widows, destitute and the … Read more

Changes In Cropping Pattern

   Changes  in  cropping  pattern Cropping pattern means the proportion of area under various  crops  at  a  point of  time or  yearly sequence  and  spatial  arrangement  of crops  and Changes  in  cropping  pattern Cropping pattern means the proportion of area under various  crops  at  a  point of  time or  yearly sequence  and  spatial  arrangement … Read more

Role Of Finance Ministry In Monetary And Fiscal Policy

 Fiscal role of ministry of finance The Ministry of Finance plays a very crucial role in development planning in India. It supervise the financial institution and is responsible for the overall financial management of the country. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the fiscal administration of the country. It has three departments, Department … Read more

Tribal Welfare Administration

 , Tribal sub plan and Single line administration in Chhattisgarh The tribal areas of Chhattisgarh though sparsely populated continue to receive special attention of the State Government primarily on account of their strategic location and comparative backwardness. The Tribal Sub Plan was started in 1974-75 in the State and entire tribal population was brought … Read more

Planning And Capacity Building In Panchayati Raj System

 Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) are rural local governments entrusted with the responsibilities to prepare plan and implement schemes for economic development and social justice in rural India. A number of Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) assign important role to PRIs. In addition, PRIs are also involved in implementation and monitoring of several State Schemes. For … Read more

Planning Mechanism And Experience In Panchayathi Raj Institutions

 Ever since India got freedom in 1947, efforts have been made to strengthen the panchayati raj system to create, in the rural people a sense of participation in the nation-building programme.   Article 40 under Directive Principles of State Policy of the Constitution directs the state “to organise village panchayats as units of self- … Read more

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