DMPQ: Peasants condition got deteriorated during the British Rule. In this context give the reasons for impoverished condition of Peasants. ( Modern History)

Impoverishment of peasantry was one of the outcome of British policies. The agrarian and the industrial sector was hit hard by the Britishers rules and regulation. These were framed to serve the ultimate interest of British rules. The colonial economic policies and commercialisation of agriculture were major reasons for destruction of self sufficient village system. … Read more

DMPQ: The response of big Industrialist was quite positive towards the launch of civil disobedience movement. Discuss ( History)

The CDM witnessed varying role of different social group and classes . The first stage was high point of bourgeois participation in towns and controlled peasants mobilisation. Industrialist also played a great role in the freedom movement. GD birla donated approximately 5 lakhs rupees to the movement according to British Intelligence estimates. He also persuaded … Read more

DMPQ: What was the August offer and its significance? (history)

August offer was the proposal from Viceroy Lord Linlithgow to seek the cooperation from the INC during the second world war. It was announced in August 1940. Major proposals of August offer were: 1)     Dominion status as the objective for India. 2)     Expansion of viceroy executive council 3)     No future constitution to be adopted without … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the features of Nagara style of architecture( history)

  The temples of Nagara style were built on rectangular based platform. The main structure which housed the chief god and chief goddess was known as Garbagriha. The inner walls of garbagriha were plain without any carvings The image of the deities were placed on peetha. Outer walls were decorated by carving different designs and … Read more

DMPQ: Differentiate between  Hindustani and Carnatic Music. ( art) HM CM 1. Outcome of assimilation of original Indain Music and Persian music Original Traditional Indian Music 2. Popular in North India Popular in south India 3. More of instrumental type More of vocal type 5. Attached great significance to emotional elements. Attached great significance to devotional elements. 6. Performers are generally solo. … Read more

DMPQ: Although both Non cooperation and Civil disobedience were launched under the leadership of Gandhi but there were some differences in both the movements. Discuss the difference?

The Non-Cooperation movement was launched by Gandhi on 1st August 1920 while the Civil Disobedience movement was launched by Gandhi on 6th April 1930 at Dandi in Gujarat. Thus there was a gap of 10 years between the two movements. The Civil Disobedience movement was centred around the defiance of salt laws throughout the country … Read more

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