DMPQ: One of the effect of Home rule movement was that Participation in freedom movement shifted from elite class to masses, which gave it a new dimension. Do you agree with the statement.

The pioneers of home rule movement were B. G. Thilak and other by Mrs. Annie Besant . The main objective of the movement was to get self government for India within the British empire. It believed freedom was the natural right of all nations. Home rule was the main demand. The course to be followed … Read more

DMPQ: Raja Ram mohanroy was the maker of Modern India. Discuss. 

Raja Ram mohanroy was the social reformer, educationist, intellectual who tried to bring elements of for gone Indian values and elements of modernisation like liberty, freedom etc. He tried to create a synthesis of thought of east and west. RMY was a supporter of equality between men and women. He said that women must be … Read more

DMPQ: Enumerate the characteristics of 1857 revolt.

( Incorporate introduction in your own words) It was spread to various sections of India. Undoubtedly revolt began as sepoy mutiny, but it was not confined to army only. All those sections of Indian population whose interest had suffered under British rule had taken part in the revolt. In avadh and Bihar, the masses had … Read more

DMPQ: Deindustrialisation was one of the impact of British rule. Give the reasons for deindustrialisation of India?

British rule was the era of drain of wealth. It affected all the sector alike. It has an impact on socio-economic-political milieu. Deindustalisation was the one of the serious consequence. The reasons for deindustralisation are as follows: The patronage received by the industries earlier were no longer available. As there was curtailment of demand of … Read more

DMPQ: Social reform movements played their role in making of modern India. Discuss the features of Social reform movement.

The era of advent of EIC coincided with the era of Modernisation.  This modern period brought some changes in our social, religious milieu. The movements tried to brought modern elements and tried to give new shape to our social structure. The features of social reform movement are as follows: These movements were characterised by rationalism … Read more

DMPQ:Home charges is one of the major component of drain of wealth. In this context please explain home charge and also list down the effect of drain of wealth.

East India company took away part of Indian resources and wealth and in reciprocity they offer no return. This continuous drain made India Impoverished . The major component of drain of wealth was home charges: Home charge is the expenditure carried out by company before 1858 and by British government  after 1858 . It includes … Read more

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