DMPQ:What is artificial intelligence? List down its application.

Artificial intelligence is a way of programming a computer, robot to perform human like task such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between language.   Artificial intelligence has wide application cutting across all sectors: In agriculture artificial intelligence is used for precision farming. This will increase the productivity and lower the input … Read more

DMPQ: What are malware? What are its different types?

These are destructive software or malicious one which exists in the form of computer virus, computer worm, trojan or trojan horse which may get attached to email or gets in a file while downloading from a website or via compact discs. In the world of cyber era these software are highly dangerous. The types of … Read more

DMPQ: What is coral bleaching? What are the causes of coral bleaching? 

When there are changes in the condition like temperature, light or nutrients the symbiotic linkage between algae and zooxanthellae gets deteriorated, causing them to turn white. In coral bleaching the density of zooxanthellae decline and the concentration of photosynthetic pigment decline which lead to decline in color. 20% of the coral reefs have already been … Read more

What is navigation satellite? India launched IRNSS recently, what is IRNSS? What are its application?

Navigation satellite is a system which provides system of artificial satellite that helps in providing autonomous geospatial positioning. It helps to provide positioning information regarding local time to high precision. Global positioning system launched(GPS) by NASA is an example of it. India Launched Indian regional navigation satellite system called IRNSS. It is a constellation of … Read more

What is nanotechnology? Write down its application and mention programmes initiated by government of India?

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology involves the concept of manipulating the extremely small things at nanoscale. At nanoscale things behave differently and this properties can be utilised across various fields of science like chemistry, biology, medicine, physics and material science. Nanotechnology has various application: Medicine: Nanoparticle can be used as effective drug deliver. This will help to … Read more

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