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Ward, village volunteer system redefined governance, says CM

Chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said the village and ward volunteer system has redefined governance. He said the volunteers’ system had shown the world how effective the welfare delivery system could be with inclusiveness.

The chief minister announced that 2,22,990 village / ward volunteers will be felicitated with awards and a cash incentive totalling to Rs 228.74 crore. The felicitation of the volunteers would be held across the state and the programme will start in every constituency from next day after Ugadi festival.

Of the 2.6 lakh volunteers 97 percent are youngsters below 35 years and 53 per cent are women and 83 per cent belong to SC, ST, BC and minorities, he said adding that 1.46 lakh permanent staff of village ward secretariats are locals.




WolfRayet Stars Supernova Explosions

Supernova explosions can be traced back to one of the hottest stars. Indian astronomers have tracked the rare supernova explosion and traced it to the hottest kind of star, called Wolf-Reyet star or WR star. Highlights:

A team of astronomers from the Nainital Aryabhatta Research Institute for Observational Sciences (ARIES) and some international collaborators conducted optical monitoring of a skinned supernova SN 2015dj in the galaxy NGC 7371 discovered in 2015.

They calculated the mass of the star that collapsed to form a supernova and the geometry of its ejection.

Scientists also discovered that the primordial star is a combination of two stars-one of which is a huge WR star, and the other is a star with a much smaller mass than the sun



World Homeopathy Day is on 10th April


The World Homeopathy Day was celebrated on April 10 to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy.


The main idea of celebrating this day is to make more people aware of the benefits of homeopathy and medicine. India is one of the largest manufacturers of homeopathic medicines in the world.


The Department of Homeopathy belongs to the Department of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Natural Therapy, Unani, Siddhartha and Homeopathy).


In homeopathy, a person can usually heal by triggering their own healing mechanisms. This important form of medicine is based on the following theory: medicines made from natural ingredients can cure any type of disease by inducing similar symptoms.


National Pet Day is on 11th April


National Pet Day is celebrated on April 11 each and every year. This day encourages people to help reduce the number of animals in the shelter.


On this day, pet owners celebrate their animal companions. Background: Colleen Paige (Colleen Paige) founded National Pet Day in 2006 to celebrate the joy that pets bring to people.


INS Sarvekshak On A Deployment To Mauritius


The hydrographic survey ship INS Sarvekshak is being deployed to Mauritius to conduct joint hydrographic surveys with its counterparts in Mauritius. Highlights:


During the deployment process, Mauritian personnel will also be trained in advanced hydrological equipment and practices. The ship began to conduct hydrological surveys on the “deep sea area of Port Louis”.


INS Sarvekshak is a professional survey ship, equipped with the most advanced survey equipment, such as deep sea multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar and fully automatic digital measurement and processing system.


In addition, the ship is also equipped with an integrated Chetak helicopter, which will be widely deployed during the investigation.


In the past few years, INS Sarvekshak has conducted various foreign cooperation investigations in Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania and Kenya.


COVID Vaccine Drive – Tika Utsav

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the chief ministers of all countries to organize Tika Utsav. Tika Utsav is a vaccine festival. The event will be held from April 11, 2021 to April 14, 2021.  Highlights:


The main purpose of the festival is to vaccinate as many people as possible. It will also focus on a zero-waste COVID-19 vaccine.


Currently, the three states are receiving the largest number of COVID-19 doses. They are Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat.


COVAXIN and COVISHIELD are the two main COVID-19 vaccines currently in use in India.


So far, India has shipped 64 million vaccine doses to 84 countries/regions in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. The main recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine in India are Mexico, Canada and Brazil.


Anamaya – Tribal Health Collaborative


The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare recently launched a tribal health cooperative called “Anamaya”. Highlights:


This is a multi-stakeholder initiative. It was initiated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in cooperation with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.


The plan will also be supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Piramal Foundation.


The main goal of the plan is to enhance the health and nutrition ecosystems of tribal communities in India.



Madhukranti Portal and Honey Corners Launched


The Madhukranti portal is an initiative of the National Bee Commission. It operates under the national beekeeping and honey mission.


The main goals of the Madhukranti portal are as follows: The portal was developed to achieve the traceability of the source of honey and honeycomb products on a digital platform. In addition, the platform will also help to check the quality of honey and the source of adulteration.


The portal will help increase farmers’ income, promote exports and increase employment opportunities. The portal will maintain a database of all stakeholders related to honey production, marketing chain, hive production and sales.




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