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Andhra Pradesh tops e-transaction list of 8 years in country, Gujarat second


Andhra Pradesh has topped the chart in the country in terms of volume of e-transactions. As per the data obtained from the Union ministry of electronics and information technology’s ‘eTaal’ platform, Andhra Pradesh recorded 710 crore e-transactions since 2013, the highest among all the states in the country.

Gujarat occupies the second place with 509 crore transactions and Telangana stands in the third place with about 470 crore transactions. These three are followed by Kerala (440 crore) and Uttar Pradesh (332 crore)

These transactions include online tax payments, services delivered under the public distribution system, utility bill payments, banking transactions, commercial taxes, scholarship distribution, police services, etc.

The ministry of electronics and information technology launched the platform in 2014 to aggregate the number of e-services being delivered across different states and levels of government.

The unprecedented growth in the e-transactions in the country can be gauged from the fact the volume has increased to 8,583 crore transactions in 2021 from just 241 crore in 2013.
Likewise, Andhra Pradesh recorded a manifold growth from 43 crore transactions in 2013 to 188 crore in 2018. But it has been on a downward spiral in the last three years with it recording only 92 crore transactions in 2019, 74 crore in 2020 and 48 crore in 2021. However, the state still commands the top place among all the states in the country in terms of transactions since 2013.

The top-10 e-services that have propelled the e-transaction growth in Andhra Pradesh include utility payments, rural development, public distribution system, land revenue, commercial taxes, health, education, etc.

According to the officials, Andhra Pradesh is providing a huge number of online services to its people, thereby contributing to the increase in the number of online transactions.
The ‘eTaal’ has been in nation-wide operation since January 2013 and 4,013 eServices from tens of Central ministries, and all the states and Union Territories have been linked to the dashboard. It has so far recorded over 8,583 crore e-transactions in 2021. This reflects the government-wide acceptability of the initiative in terms of its utility and importance.




ADB: USD 350 Million Improve Urban Services In India


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will give a loan of USD 350 million to improve access to urban services in India.


By expediting policy initiatives and reforms aimed at improving service delivery and by supporting performance-based central fiscal transfers to urban local governments, access to urban services will be improved (ULBs).

For program execution, monitoring, and evaluation, the ADB will provide knowledge and advisory support to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

ADB will also assist ULBs, particularly in low-income states, in the areas of policy reform, investment planning, and cross-cutting concerns such as gender equality, climate change, social inclusion, and environmental and social safeguards evaluation.

Under the Sustainable Urban Development & Service Delivery Programme, the finance ministry has inked a loan arrangement for the first sub-program for USD 350 million.

The sub-program aims to develop key policies and principles for urban transformations at the national level.

This program is consistent with the government’s national flagship initiatives, encouraging cities as economic growth engines.


End of Censorship in Cinematic Releases In UAE


The UAE has declared the end of Censorships in International Movies on 19 December.


To entice foreigners, the UAE government decided to abolish censorship.

According to the government’s recent announcement, sensitive scenes that violate Islamic feelings will not be eliminated.

In addition, the administration has created a new ‘above 21 years of age’ category for spectators.

Movies will now be exhibited in theatres according to their international versions, and their categorization will be based on UAE media content regulations.

The decision to abolish censorship is regarded as the UAE’s attempt to compete in the Gulf area by seeming open-minded and liberal to outsiders.


Noises Captured Near Jupiters Moon Ganymede Released By NASA


Juno returned data from its flyby across the Solar System’s largest moon.

Data derived from noises recorded on the moon’s surface provides a thrilling journey inside Ganymede’s domain.

Juno’s wave instrument selected a 50-second audio track, which NASA shared.

The wave instrument listens for electric and magnetic radio waves produced in Jupiter’s magnetosphere.

For the audio track, scientists adjusted the collected frequencies into the audio range.

Juno came near 1,038 kilometers of Ganymede’s surface on its closest approach. It was traveling at a speed of 67,000 kilometers per hour.

Ganymede is a Jupiter satellite (moon). It is the Solar System’s largest and most massive moon, as well as the ninth-largest object. Ganymede takes about seven days to orbit Jupiter.

Juno is a NASA spacecraft that orbits Jupiter. Lockheed Martin designed and built it.







Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2021: SAIL


For the third year in a row, the Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL), which is part of the Ministry of Steel, has been granted the coveted Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2021.


Since 1998, the Environment Foundation (WEF) has granted the award to organizations for notable achievements in environmental management.

The company’s environmental protection efforts are focused on upgrading pollution control facilities, water conservation efforts with the goal of achieving Zero Liquid Discharge, efficient handling of various solid wastes (viz. process waste, hazardous waste, canteen/township waste), carbon sequestration through afforestation, eco-restoration of the mined-out area, and other environmental measures.

The company’s corporate policies and practices have made carbon footprint reduction a priority.


CCI Approves Air India Stake Acquisition by Tata Sons


The Competition Commission of India (CCI) approved Talace, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, acquiring Air India Stakes on 20 December.


Air India is currently entirely owned by the Indian government.

Air India and AIXL are principally delivering domestic scheduled air passenger transportation, air cargo transport, and international scheduled air passenger transport.

Air India SATS Airport Services provides ground handling services at Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mangaluru, and Thiruvananthapuram. Bengaluru Airport also provides cargo handling services.

In October 2021, the Tata Group signed a share purchase deal with the government of India to buy the government’s stake in national carriers Air India, Air India Express, and AISATS. Following that, Tata Group received a Letter of Intent (LoI).

The Tata Group had to meet the agreement’s pre-conditions following the SPA before acquiring Air India.

Under the sale process, Tata Sons’ subsidiary Talace emerged as the highest bidder for AIR India.


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