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Andhra Pradesh at second place in digital payments

Andhra Pradesh occupies the second place in the country in terms of per capita digital payment transactions. As per the official data available till January 31, per capita transactions in Andhra Pradesh stands at 17.6, trailing only Chandigarh (38.4). The all India average is some 3.85. In fact, Andhra Pradesh has been leading the states in the digital payment arena for the last several years in a row.

The digital payment landscape in India has undergone a transformation in the last several years, particularly after demonetisation. From 3,134 crore transactions in 2018-19, the volume of digital payment transactions has more than doubled to 6,754 crore this fiscal (as of February 6).

A cursory look into the volumes of new-age digital payment modes reveals that these have registered a substantial growth. These modes include Bharat interface for money-unified payments interface (BHIM-UPI), immediate payment service (IMPS), prepaid payment instruments, etc.

At the same time, existing payment modes such as debit cards, credit cards, national electronic funds transfer(NEFT), and real-time gross settlement (RTGS) have also grown at a fast pace.

According to data of the Union ministry of electronics and information technology, BHIM-UPI has emerged as the preferred payment mode. It has achieved a record 461.71 crore digital payment transactions with a value of 8.31 lakh crore in January 2022. It has more than doubled in just a year from 229 crore transactions in February 2021 to 461 crore in January 2022.




Taiwan Patriot Missile Defence System Purchased By US

The United States government recently approved the purchase of 100 million USD worth of kits to take care of and improve the Taiwan Patriot Missile defense system.


  • This will upgrade the system. This decision was made during the Trump administration in 2019. The US doesn’t have official relations with Taiwan.
  • However, the US is one of the most important backers. In December 2021, China warned the US that the countries will find themselves during a military conflict if the US is encouraging Taiwan’s independence.
  • It is a SAM (surface to air missile), manufactured by the US defense private contractor Raytheon.
  • The Patriot missiles were replacements for the Nike Hercules system. Its operational range is around 70 kilometers.


RCEP: Philippines Stance


The Philippines Senate has postponed the ratification of RCEP after Farmers, and other civil society groups within the country took a cue from India’s decision to remain out of RCEP.


  • The Philippines also expressed strong reservations against the mega trade deal signed by the Duterte government.
  • The decision to defer ratification was taken within the backdrop of solid opposition by farmers, civil society organizations, fishers, and the personal sector within the Philippines.
  • The Philippines took this decision before the three-day visit of the Indian secretary of state to Manila from February 13, 2022.
  • Federation of Free Farmers (FFF) issued an edge paper. It urged the country’s Senate to defer the concurrence of the trade agreement thanks to a scarcity of consultation with farmers and other stakeholders.





LIC: India’s largest Initial Public Offering



The Government of India is planning to sell 5% of its share in LIC. LIC is Life Insurance Corporation. With this, the government is trying to raise Rs 65,000 crores.


10% of the shares are being reserved for eligible policy holders. These shares will carry discounted prices. The plan is to sell 316.25 million shares. This is 5% of the total equity base. The total equity base of LIC is 6.32 billion shares. The pricing of IPO, Initial Public Offering, has not yet been decided. 35% of the shares are to be reserved for retail investors. Discounts are to be provided to LIC employees.


The IPO is to help Government of India in achieving its target. In the fiscal year 2021-22, the Government of India had set a divestment target of Rs 2.1 lakh crores. However, the target counldnt be achieved. For the fiscal year, 2022-23, the divestment target is Rs 78,000 crores.


National Productivity Day 2022


India celebrated National Productivity Day on February 12, 2020 which provides for planning time, skills, energy, intelligence, resources, and opportunities in order to achieve goals.



National Productivity Day is organised by National Productivity Council (NPC), with the objective of stimulating and promoting productivity and quality awareness in all sectors of India.


The National Productivity Day is celebrated to raise awareness on productivity, innovation and efficiency. Raising productivity awareness is significant for maximising production with optimal resource utilisation.


National Productivity Council (NPC)


NPC is an autonomous organisation established in 1958. It works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. National Productivity Day also celebrates formation of NPC. It is national institution dedicated to promote India’s productivity culture.  NPC has been registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.



Cut in Tax on crude palm oil imports


Central Government cut tax on imports of crude palm oil (CPO), from 7.5 percent to 5 per cent. It came into effect on February 13, 2022.


India is world’s biggest edible oil importer. It tries to rein in local prices of commodity and help domestic consumers and refiners.


Reduction in the tax


Reduction in the tax is also known as “agriculture infrastructure and development cess (AIDC)”.


It will widen the gap between refined palm oil import duties and CPO.


The tax reduction is effectively making it cheaper for Indian refiners to import CPO.


After the reduction in AIDC, import tax difference between CPO and refined palm oil would increase to 8.25 per cent.



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