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Less than 50% AP women have access to cellphones


A recent report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India’s (IAMAI) revealing Andhra Pradesh’s poor interent penetration of 31% may come as a surprise to many men but not to women.

A major contributing factor behind low internet penetration in the state is the low access to mobile phones among women. According to phase-1 of the National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS-5), only 48.9% women have mobile phones.


In terms of women’s access to mobile phones in the 22 states and Union territories surveyed in the first phase, Andhra Pradesh ranks second-lowest after Gujarat, leading by just 0.1%.

The breakup of the state average shows that only 40.9% of women in rural areas have access to mobile phones though this proportion in urban areas is considerably higher at 67.4%. However, AP stands fourth-lowest when it comes to women with access to mobile phones in urban areas compared to the 22 states and UTs.

The state fares worse when it comes to mobile phone access in rural areas, ranking third-lowest with Tripura and Gujarat occuping the second-lowest and lowest spots, respectively.
However, compared to NFHS-4, women’s access to mobile phones increased by 12.7% in the state. Experts said these statistics reflect the lack of women’s empowerment in a digital world.


The survey was conducted among women aged between 15 to 49 years under the ‘women empowerment’ category. The first phase of the NFHS-5, however, includes only 22 states and Union territories.

The survey is yet to be completed in 17 states/UTs, which includes states with larger territory and population such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Odisha.


At 18 million, India has largest diaspora in the world: UN

The Indian diaspora is the largest in the world, with 18 million people from the country living outside their homeland in 2020.

The United Arab Emirates, the US and Saudi Arabia host the largest numbers of migrants from India.

Other countries with a large diaspora included Mexico and Russia (11 million each), China (10 million) and Syria (8 million).

India’s large diaspora is distributed across a number of major countries of destination, with the UAE (3.5 million), the US (2.7 million) and Saudi Arabia (2.5 million) hosting the largest numbers of migrants from India.

Other countries hosting large numbers of migrants from India included Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar and the UK.



Third phase of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana launched in 600 districts across country


The third phase of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) 3.0 launched in 600 districts across the country.

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, this phase will focus on new-age and COVID-related skills.

The third phase of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana envisages training of  eight lakh candidates over a scheme period of 2020-2021 with an outlay of 948.90 crore rupees.

Skill India Mission was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 has gained tremendous momentum through the launch of its flagship scheme PMKVY to unlock the vision of making India the Skill Capital of the world.

PM Modi to interact with startups and address ‘Prarambh: Startup India International Summit’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will interact with startups and address ‘Prarambh: Startup India International Summit’ through video conferencing.

The two day Summit is being organized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

It is being organised as a follow up of the announcement made by the Prime Minister at the fourth Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation, BIMSTEC Summit held in Kathmandu in August 2018 wherein India committed to host the BIMSTEC Startup Conclave.

The Summit marks the fifth anniversary of the Startup India initiative, launched by the Prime Minister on 16 January, 2016.

The objective is to focus attention on global capital for startups in India, mobilize domestic capital, provide opportunities for accessing international markets to our startups and evolve enabling policy provisions.


Govt brings forward target of 20% ethanol-blending with gasoline by 2025


India plans to achieve 20% ethanol-blending with gasoline by 2025, five years ahead of its previous target, to help reduce its dependence on costly oil imports.

In 2020, the government had set a target of reaching 10% ethanol-blending by 2022 – meaning 10% of ethanol mixed with 90% of gasoline – and 20% by 2030.

India relies on foreign suppliers to meet more than 80% of its demand.

Archaeologists Discovered the Worlds Oldest Cave Art


Archaeologists discovered the oldest cave art in the world. It is a life-size photo of a wild boar, which was painted in Indonesia at least 45,500 years ago. The photo was found in Leang Tedongnge cave in a remote valley in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Sulawesi Warthog painting can be traced back at least 45,500 years ago.


It shows a pig with short upright hair on the top of the head and a pair of horn-shaped warts in front of the eyes, which are characteristic of adult male Sulawesi warthogs.


The Sulawesi Warthog is the most commonly depicted animal in the island’s ice age rock art, which shows that they have long been regarded as food and the focus of creative thinking and artistic expression.


The pig was painted with red stone paint and seems to be observing the fighting or social interaction between the other two warthogs.


Gk bit: Cave Paintings in India:

 Ajanta Cave is located in the Aurangabad area of Maharashtra. Ajanta’s famous murals are of dying princesses, flying fairies and missionary Buddha.


Ellora is located in the Aurangabad region of Maharashtra. This cave is popular for the largest monolithic excavation in the world-the great Kailasa.

 Elephanta is located on the Elephanta Islands in Mumbai. The Elephanta team has excavated 7 caves.

 Bhimbetka is located between Hoshangabad and Bhopal, at the foot of Vindhya Mountain. It has one of the oldest paintings in India and the world.


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