14.11.18 Andhra Pradesh (APPSC) Current Affairs



  • Artificial reefs may be set up to prevent beach erosion’


  • The Chennai-headquartered National Centre for Coastal Research (NCCR) has conducted studies on the beach erosion between Rushikonda and Gangavaram Port with World Bank funding and the report will be submitted to the government by June next year.


  • The idea would be to provide sustainable solutions that do not cause adverse impact at other locations due to change in the course of the tide.


  • The NCCR has done shoreline mapping for the entire coastline of the country on 1: 25,000 scale. The maps, released in 2017, indicate the extent of beach erosion State-wise. These maps were being updated every year. A rise in sea-level by 3 cm a year was observed at some places, resulting in inundation of low-lying areas along the coast. These were mostly in northern Bay of Bengal in Odisha and West Bengal.



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