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27% increase in drug-related suicides in Andhra Pradesh, says NCRB report


Suicides related to drug abuse and alcoholism saw 27% increase in Andhra Pradesh in 2020, compared to that of the previous year. Covid-19 is to be blamed as some people ended died by suicide for want of drugs and alcohol during the lockdown period in 2020.
The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report titled ‘Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India’ says 385 people including nine women and one transgender committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh in 2020, due to drug abuse and alcohol addiction. In 2019, 302 people, including seven women ended their life because of drug abuse and alcoholism.

Though there is no reliable data on ganja (weed, hemp, cannabis) consumption in Andhra Pradesh, it is estimated that around 0.2 per cent people use cannabis products in the state. Some people use sedative drugs, LSD and a few others.

Experts in the health department say curiosity, peer pressure and attempts to stimulate sexual desires are the key reasons for youngsters to get addicted to drugs such as ganja and alcohol in cities and towns. In Andhra Pradesh, every year, more people are joining the ranks of drug addicts. Drug abuse and alcoholism have been driving at least 250 to 300 persons, including a few women, to suicide every year in state, they added.




UNDP Video on Climate Change


“Don’t Choose Extinction”  a creative video was released by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


♦ The UNDP emphasizes in the film that it is time to act, and it is time to act now, to address the climate issue.

♦ It is time to do whatever it takes to bring the urgency home and gain the world’s attention.

♦ The viral video depicts a dinosaur delivering a straightforward warning to world leaders and diplomats: “It’s now or never.”

♦ Save the human species before it’s too late and doesn’t choose extinction.”


The UNDP published the creative film as the centerpiece of the ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign.

♦ A dinosaur named Frankie makes a grand entrance, takes the dais, and gets right to the point in the video.

♦  It emphasizes a vital message: government-backed fossil fuel subsidies must be reduced in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and rescue the planet.


Bill To Declare Diwali as a National Holiday In the US


US lawmaker Carolyn B Maloney of New York introduces  Bill to declare Diwali a national holiday


♦ Congresswoman Carolyn B Maloney of New York has introduced legislation to make Diwali a national holiday in the United States.

♦ The Deepavali Day Act was introduced in the House of Representatives by the member.

♦ A number of congressmen, including Indian-American Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi, support the historic measure.

♦ Meanwhile, Krishnamoorthi sponsored a resolution in the US Congress to recognize the festival of lights’ religious and historical significance.





“Tele-Law on Wheels” Campaign – Key Facts


  • The campaign will run from November 8 to November 14, 2021.


  • Under the campaign, several activities are being undertaken for empowering people by pre-litigation advice in order to rightfully claim their entitlements and timely redressal of their difficulties.


  • This one week is dedicated for ensuring “Justice for All by digital legal empowerment” of the needy people.


  • As a part of the campaign, special Login week is being organized across India to encourage those in need to seek legal advice and consultation using tele-and video conferencing facilities. They are being urged to visit their nearest Common Service Centres (CSCs) that are offering Tele-Law services.



Common Service Centres (CSCs)


These CSCs are branded as “Kanooni Salah Sahahyak Kendra for this purpose.


Aid for the campaign


The Tele-Law on Wheels Campaign is being organised with aid of “CSC e-Governance”. CSC e-Governance is a network of more than 4 lakh digitally enabled CSCs across India.


LEADS (Logistics Ease Across Different States) 2021 Index


The Logistics Ease Across Different States 2021 Index was recently published by Ministry of Commerce & Industry. This is the third edition of Index.

  • In the index, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab were emerged as best performing states with respect to mobility of goods and efficiency of logistics chain.
  • This index provide ranking to states on the basis of logistics infrastructure.


Topper States


  • Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab are the best performing states (Top 3 slot respectively)
  • Tamil Nadu (4th) and Maharashtra (5th) are among top-5 slot.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand have witnessed a significant improvement as compared to 2019 LEADS ranking. These states have emerged as the top improvers.


 States were ranked as follows:


  • For representation purposes, states were ranked in three separate classes:


  1. North Eastern States
  2. Himalayan UTs’ and
  3. ‘Other UTs’ group.


  • Within Himalayan UTs, Jammu & Kashmir emerged as top ranker.
  • In North Eastern States, Sikkim and Meghalaya emerged as topper.
  • Delhi was ranked at top position among “other United Territories” category.


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