13 & 14.09.17 Andhra Pradesh (APPSC) Daily Current Affairs



  • In quest of good governance, AP to scrap redundant laws


  • Andhra Pradesh government is mulling to rationalise state legislations in tune with the Niti Aayog to focus on weeding out dysfunctional, obsolete legislations. Officials have identified 65 laws of revenue and 60 laws of the finance department under this list. Following the  Rajasthan government, which has repealed many state acts, the Andhra Pradesh government has asked all the departments to identify redundant laws. At present, AP has 497 acts. According to the law department, 129 are outdated. All Appropriation Acts since 1956 are obsolete. Sixty-five acts of the revenue department have been proposed to be repealed. Sixty finance acts, 9 (agriculture and cooperation), 8 (municipal administration and tribal welfare), 6 (urban development), 5 (women development and child welfare) 4 (general administration, panchayati raj, home, housing, water resources), 3 (school education ) and 1 each (energy, higher education, housing, industries, social welfare medical and health).



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