Data Interpretation And Problem Solving


SECTION – I (5×10=50 Marks) This Section carries Choice
Data application and interpretation using ratios, percentages and averages.
SECTION –II (5×10=50 Marks) This Section carries Choice
a) Drawing conclusions from the data present in tabular, graphical and diagrammatical forms and to point out deficiencies, limitations or inconsistencies therein.
b) Sequences and Series: Analogies of numbers and alphabets, completion of blank spaces in a:b::c:d, odd thing out, missing number in a sequence or series.
c) Coding and decoding: A given word or group of letters in English are to be coded or decoded based on the given code(s).
SECTION – III (4×12 1/2 = 50 Marks) No Choice in the section. All questions Compulsory
Passage Analysis: A duly structured situation will be presented to the candidates and they will be asked to analyse and suggest their own solutions to the problems arising out of the situation. Alternatively they may be called upon to prove their understanding of the situation by answering certain searching questions based on the situation. (Passages will be in Indian Context).
Passages will be
a) On Public policies
b) On developmental programmes
c) On Social problems
d) On Governance