DMPQ Premium-Discuss the various oral traditions of Andhra pradesh.

Vedic chant tradition in andhra pradesh 

Andhra Pradesh has been in the forefront in preserving and propagating the Vedic Knowledge of both the forms, i.e., oral and textual traditions, for several thousands of years. There are references in Valmiki Ramayana and Mahabharata about the Vedic culture in Andhra region.

The Vedic studies went deep into all layers of the society during Satavahana period and continued without hindrance upto Kakatiya period. However, about 800 years back, the king Prataparudra had to take special emergency steps for protection of Vedic scholars and Vedic culture against the back drop of severe attacks from the enemies of Sanatana Dharma.

lambada bhat narratives 

The Lambadas occupy a prominent place among the Scheduled Tribes of India. According to folklore, the nomadic originally hailed from the North western part of India. In course of time, the Lambadas migrated to various parts of the country, in search of livelihood.  The Lambada Bhats are singers, storytellers and genealogists for the Lambadas. They narrate the history, myths and legends of Lambada community. They are also from the lowermost rungs of the caste hierarchy of Lambada society. As they move from one Tanda to another practicing their profession, they are also perceived as messengers for Lambadas.


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