DMPQ Premium-State the contributions of Gidugu Ramamurthy to Telugu and tribal languages.

Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy’s (1863-1940) contribution to Telugu language specifically Vaaduka Bhasha (Colloquial language) is immense. He was instrumental in deciphering the Granthika Bhasha (classical Telugu infused heavily with Sanskrit) used in text books and literature and simplifying it, such that it could be made available to the masses. In the process he managed to bring to the forefront the beauty and lucidity of the colloquial language. In short he was the revolutionary behind the usage of simple Telugu language in Andhra Pradesh. He was linguist and spoke many languages fluently and in fact researched in several languages. A historian, social reformer and a rationalist he worked tirelessly, with dedication to his cause coupled with good intent. Literature that was solely restricted to the intellectuals and scholars of the era finally could be accessed by the masses, nothing short of a reformation in the history of the Telugu language. In order to honour his contribution to the Telugu language,  his birthday on the 29th of August is celebrated as the “Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam” or “Telugu Language Day”.

Gidugu also rendered his services to the tribals, especially the Savaras, in Parlakimidi area of Srikakulam districts agency areas and tirelessly worked for the development of tribal languages. He gave Savara language a simple script and prepared lexicons that anybody could learn in a matter of days. His research for Savara language required him to travel to the tribal areas infested with Malaria and hence needed to be treated with quinine which rendered him deaf. This shows his commitment to a given cause and the dedication to solve it. These qualities in Gidugu have led people to call “Pidugu” in Telugu, which means a thunderbolt. Telugu people today owe immense gratitude to this great man, who was the son of the soil of Srikakulam.

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