DMPQ Premium-What are some major tribal and folk festivals of Andhra pradesh?

Andhra tribal culture is very rich. Some of major tribal folk festivals are as follows:


It is the annual Ashada Jatara Festival held in the honour of Sri Ujjaini Mahakali in Hyderabad and other parts of Andhra Pradesh during which decorated pots known as ghatams are filled with neem leaves or flowers are installed in various important temples. This festival launched to Promote Cultural Tourism in the State for the past one decade.

Sammakka, Saralamma Jatara at Medaram in Warangal 

Medaram is a small village in the forest area of the Mulugu taluk of Warangal district. Here Sammakka Jatara is celebrated once in two years on a very large scale for three days before Magha. Sammakka is a tribal goddess and the patrons and priests are Koyas. All the tribals of Mulugu area and the thousands of other Hindus congregate there during the celebrations. There is no permanent idol of the deity . A Koya tribal boy who gets a vision of the goddess anoint them in the form of vermilion caskets, one representing the main duty Sammakka and the other her daughter Sarakka both tied to a piece of bamboo. This is installed on an earthen platform raised under a tree. Animals are sacrificed and vows are redeemed, intoxicants are widely used. Hundreds of people who are often possessed by the goddess come there dancing ecstatically throughout their journey. The special offering to the deity is jaggery which collects in huge piles. Those who fulfill vows offer jaggery equal to their weight and jaggery is distributed as prasadam.

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