DMPQ Premium-. Write a note on library movement in Andhra pradesh.

The advent of British rule in India the establishment of company rule in Andhradesa by 1800 bought economic, social and administrative system. The assumption of power by the crown bought vital changes in economic, social and administrative set up of Andhradesa. Political and administrative stability in post 1857 period gave encouragement for library movement in Andhradesa. The spread of education in Andhra districts due to the efforts of the government, Christian missionaries and philanthropic zamindars resulted in the spread of western education in Andhra region. The Christian missionary societies initiated the establishment of schools at Machilipatnam and Vijayawada. They started the establishment of libraries in those schools.The western Indian educated elite were pineers in popularizing the idea of libraries. Kandukuri Viresalingam Panthulu (1848-1919) was greatly influenced by the writings of Raja Ram Mohan Roy dedicated himself for the spread of library movement in Andhra.

A number of vernacular news papers, Viveka Vardini from Rajamundry, Andhra Prakashika (1885) Krishnapatrika, Lokaranjani played a very important role in bring awareness on library movements among the people. The Madras Mahasabha, founded on 16th May, 1884 by Rangayya Naidu and Anandacharyulu made an attempt to get-together the western Indian elite to start literary associations and library movement in Andhra region.

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