DMPQ. Evaluate the significance of Ayurveda in improving health with the special mention of it’s usefulness in the wake of covid-19 pandemic.

. After years of wilderness in post-independence India, Ayurveda is now poised to truly and actively participate in the health and medical care system.

Ayurveda is now on a fast track of progress and transformation into a modern vibrant health and medical system. While preserving its core strengths, it is using modern science to unravel clinical evidence. Along with its powerful individual holistic approach, the system is advocating several general means, including Yoga, to improve people’s health.

Ayurveda is also involved in the fight against COVID-19. The government has announced innovative clinical drug trials to evaluate the safe and effective use of selected and standardised Ayurvedic medicines in the prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19. This is probably the first of its kind and magnitude, where modern medicine physicians will work alongside vaidyas to manage this dreadful infectious disease. The Ministry of AYUSH has also released an advisory for general public on the use of several well-known Ayurveda formulations to improve the immune system and health in the fight against COVID-19. There is no medicine nor any vaccine available for COVID-19 — there is very little evidence for modern drugs like hydroxychloroquin and azithromycin that are being used to prevent and treat COVID-19. Hence, it is appropriate that India investigate the therapeutic potential of Ayurveda in treating COVID-19.

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