DMPQ Archieve Day 1 to 33

Day 29 DPMQ Click Here for RAS Mains Answer Writting (28-09-2018)
Day 31 DPMQ Click Here for RAS Mains Answer Writting (30-09-2018)

TOD:      Envt. Pollution does not know the political boundary.

FOD:      India’s Cash/gdp  aprox.12%

  1. What were the objectives of Demonetisation? What were the positive effects? ( Economy/ GS 1)
  2. What is Trade parity Price? ( RAS/2marker/economy/GSI)
  3. What is e-way bill? ( RAS/2 marker/GS1/economy)
  4. What is OPEC? ( RAS – 2 marker/ International relation/GSIII)
  5. What is Communalism and Communal violence? How to fight against communalism? ( Sociology)
  6. What were the most significant changes and outcomes of the world War II? ( RAS / world History syllabus)
  7. Western Ghats in Karnataka receive more monsoon rainfall than Maharashtra and Kerala.Explain (Geography)
  8. Explain the cleansing action of Soap?( GS II/ General Science)


Day 33 DPMQ Click Here for RAS Mains Answer Writting (02-10-2018)
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