DMPQ- Poor representation of women in elected bodies is a major hurdle in Women empowerment. Do you agree with the statement.

India stood 149th in a 2019 list of 193 countries ranked by the percentage of elected women representatives in their national parliaments. In more than six decades till 2014, as women’s share in India’s population remained at 48.5%, the share of women MPs increased eight percentage points to 12.6% between the first (1952) and the 16th Lok Sabha (2014).


  • Poor representation of women means weaken form of representative democracy.
  • Women representation means more women voices in the parliament.
  • Elements of sympathy and compassion will increase in the Acts passed by the parliament.
  • It will raise the decorum in the parliament.

Women empowerment goes through the way of political empowerment. It has been observed that reservation of women at panchayat level has brought real difference. Now stereotypes and Prejudices against women are declining. The best way to address the ill effect of patriarchy is to provide political empowerment.

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