DMPQ-What is aspirational district Programme? What are its objectives?

NITI Aayog as guided by the central government has come up with a unique and promising idea of ‘Aspirational Districts Programme’ based on mass movement approach.

The uniqueness of the programme lies in its approach and implementation based on creating a competitive environment and empowering State Governments (mains driver) diving respective districts as competitors. (total 115 districts selected across India) Its objectives are to quickly and effectively transform some of India some of India’s most underdeveloped districts including some of the left wing affected district. It will identify areas of immediate improvement, measure progress and rank districts.

The broad fine prints of the programme includes –

  • Convergence of central and state schemes.
  • Collaboration of central, state level ‘Prabhari’ (in-charge) officers and district collectors.
  • competition among districts
  • The states are the main drivers in the programme.
  • Deliberately, the districts have been described as aspirational rather than backward.
  • The motive is to view them as areas of opportunity and hope rather than of distress and hopelessness.
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