DMPQ- What is the Tax/Gdp ratio? How Indian can improve this ratio. Suggest some ways.

The tax-to-GDP ratio is a ratio of a nation’s tax revenue relative to its gross domestic product (GDP), or the market value of goods and services a country produces. Some countries aim to increase the tax-to-GDP ratio to address deficiencies in their budgets.

Taxes and GDP are generally related. The higher the GDP, the more tax a nation collects. Conversely, countries with lower taxes produce a lower GDP. Analysts, economists, and government leaders can use this ratio to see the rate at which taxes fuel a nation’s economy.

11.5% is the tax/gdp ratio of India.

Ways to improve:

  • Increase tax base. Link GST data with direct tax filers.
  • Prevent tax evasion.
  • Simplification of Tax compliance. Example easier return forms, Government assisted return filing.
  • The issues with GST need quick addressal.
  • Reduction of tax litigation.
  • Use of ICT and Artificial intelligence for filing of return and to prevent tax evasion.
  • Cashless economy and digital infrastructure can increase the tax buoyancy.
  • Formalisation of economy is also one of the solution.


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