DMPQ-Write a short note on Project CHAMAN.

The objective of Project CHAMAN is to provide strategic development to the horticulture sector, so as to increasefarmers income, a pioneer project called CHAMAN. The project is implemented by Mahalanobis is National CropForecast Centre (MNCFC)using remote sensing technology.

Silent Features:

  • Project CHAMAN carries out mapping of area and output of 7 horticultural crops in 12 states.
  • The Geospatial Studies would be conducted in all major states of the country and remote sensing technologywould be extended to other horticulture crops in the future, giving aboost to horticulture in India.
  • It can help the horticulture sector provide nutrient-rich crops to the people and thus ensuringfood and nutritional security to all people.
  • It creates a digital inventory of all horticultural zones in the country.
  • It can help in identifying areas of high Post-harvest losses which can be reduced by thecreation of desired Post-Harvest Infrastructures like cold storages.
  • It will help manage inflation by providing accurate data of food stocks


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