DMPQ-Throw light on the potential consequences we are witnessing because of global warming.

Global warming due to GHGs and Ozone depletion may have following adverse consequences:

Faster snow melting and glacier depletion

Melting of glaciers will put close to half of  world’s population under threat from flooding in short term and draughts, water and  power shortages in long run. Siachin Glacier has retreated by around 1 km in past 25  years.

Sea Level Rise

Water levels will rise due to melting of glaciers and thermal expansion  of waters. Over the last century, a rise of 10-25 cm has been recorded and it put in  danger the low lying islands and areas. Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have  expressed strong concerns over this phenomenon. In India also 6,500 km area is low  lying and IPCC has identified India as one of the 27 most vulnerable countries to sea  level rise. Coastal paddy fields, onshore exploration and coastal infrastructure is most  vulnerable to the sea level rise. It is estimated that 12% of Bangladesh will submerge.

Water Stress

Predictions of water wars in Asia has already been made. Global  warming is affecting the hydrological cycle and availability of fresh water. Variability in  monsoons (which causes rains over 100 odd days only) can lead to sever water stresses.  Ministry of Water Resources has already declared that nine states including Rajasthan,  Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab are already facing major water deficit.

Impact on Mangroves and Wetlands

8% of our coastline is occupied by Mangroves.  They are more prominent on eastern coast as it is wider and has many big rivers. They  act as carbon sinks, barriers against soil erosion due to sea waves, help in mitigating  tsunami waves and cyclones and provide a habitat to a large number of species. Climate  change affect salt content and hence affecting flora and fauna also.


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