DMPQ- What do you understand by “ Sea grass” and “ sea weed”?

Seagrasses are flowering plants (angiosperms) which grow in marine environments. Seagrass can easily be confused with marine macroalgae (Seaweed). Seagrasses are considered vascular plants and have roots, stems and leaves. Sea grass produces flowers, seeds and fruits. Seagrass plays a vital role in oxygen production and absorption of carbon dioxide. It acts as a purifier in aquatic ecology. The seagrass area increases only when the water is clean. Seagrass will rejuvenate fishing grounds by providing nursery habitat to important fish species.

Seaweed is also known as macroalgae. They constitute several species of marine plants and algae. Seaweeds are plant-like organisms that generally live attached to rock or other hard substrata in coastal areas. Nori is a seaweed that is roasted or dried and is used in Asian cooking. It is ideal for feeding tangs and surgeonfish, some angel fish and blenny species, as well as many other types of algae eaters like hermit crabs and snails.


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