DMPQ: Discuss the steppe type of climate.

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Distribution:     Lies in the interior of the earth crust. They basically lies in the zone of  westerly wind belt. Grasslands are practically treeless due to continentality. They are called by different names in different parts of the world

Prairies North America between the foothills of the rockies and the great lakes
Pustaz Hungary and surrounding regions
Pampas Argentina and Uruguay
High veld Southern S. America
Downs Australia: Murray darling basin
Canteburry New Zealand


Temperature:  Climate is continental with extremes of temperature. Temperatures vary greatly between summer and winter. The summers are hot and the winters are cold Summers are very warm, over 18 – 20° C.

Precipitation:    The average rainfall may be taken as about 45 cm, but this varies according to location from 25 cm to 75 cm.The heaviest rain comes in June and July (late spring and early summer). Most of the winter months have about an 2.5 cm of precipitation, brought by the occasional depressions of the Westerlies and coming in the form of snow.

Natural Vegetation:  Grasses are tall, fresh and nutritious. This is typical of the grass of the wheat-lands in North America, the rich black earth or chernozem areas of Russian Ukraine and the better watered areas of the Asiatic Steppes. Does not have much animal diversity.

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