DMPQ-Irrigation is always associated with positive economic development but there are negative fallouts too.

Irrigation is consider boon for agriculture. Artificial injection of water increases the productivity and efficiency of the land. But there are negative fallouts attached with Irrigation. These are as follows:

  1. Associated problems of water logging and salinity. Poor irrigation practices lead to water logging and salinity.
  2. The productivity has been on decline in some areas and sustainability is an issue.
  3. Big irrigation projects sometimes are not feasible across India. Farmers often feel that the top down approach is not in the interest of the local farming community.
  4. sedimentation rate in a number of reservoirs of dam projects is higher than those envisaged at the planning stage. More significantly, there is no mention about managing the catchments to reduce sedimentation or the cost of losing reservoir storage due to sedimentation.
  5. Big irrigation projects have become matter of water disputes. Inter state water disputes are on rise as a result the associated factors of clashes.
  6. Lately we have realised that minimum natural flow has to be maintained in river to ensure its biodiversity but we have done irreparable damages in this regard.
  7. Adverse health effect due to rise in water borne diseases.


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