DMPQ:What are Grasslands? Name some of the grasslands of world and mention the importance of grasslands.

Grasslands are areas dominated by grasses. They occupy about 20% of theland on the earth surface. Grasslands occur in both in tropical and temperate regions whererainfall is not enough to support the growth of trees. Grasslands are known by variousnames in different parts of the world.Grasslands are found in areas having well defined hot and dry, warm and rainy seasons.Tropical grasslands are commonly called Savannas. They occur in eastern Africa, SouthAmerica, Australia and India. Savannas form a complex ecosystem with scattered mediumsize trees in grass lands.


Example Prairies ( N America), Steppes( Russia), Savanna( Africa), Pampas( south America) etc.


  1. They provide forage for grazing.
  2. Source of medicinal plants and herbs.
  3. Help in the sustenance of biodiversity.
  4. Formation of different soil structure
  5. Contribution to the aesthetic value and human relaxation.
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