DMPQ- Alexander’s Invasion (327 BC)

After 2 centuries of Persian invasion, Alexander from Macedonia invaded India. Alexander conquered minor Asia along with Iraq & Iran and from Iran he marched into India

  • Alexander conquered whole of Persia by defeating Darius 3 in battle of Arabela (330 BC).
  • Herodotus, Father of history, wrote that fabulous wealth of India attracted Alexander & moreover his interest in Geographical enquiry & love of natural history urged him to invade India
  • Alexander believed that on eastern side of India lies continuation of the sea & hence by conquering India, he would conquer eastern boundary of the world
  • After conquest of Iran, he marched into India through Khyber pass 327 BC & crossed Indus in 326 BC.
  • Ambhi, the ruler of taxila readily submitted to him but Porus whose kingdom lay between Jhelum & Chenab refused to submit to Alexander




Battle of Hydaspes (Jhelum)


  • Although Porus had a vast army & fought bravely, but he lost to Alexander
  • Alexander, impressed by the bravery of Indian prince reinstated him to his throne and made him his ally.
  • Then he advanced as far as river Beas, he wanted to move further but war weary, diseased, Hot weather of India & 10 year of continuous fighting led to the refusal of Greek soldiers to move further (Refusal also came because of the enormous power of Nandas of Magadha).
  • Hence, Alexander divided his conquered territories into 3 Parts & placed them under 3 Greek governors.



Effect of Alexander’s Invasion


  • 1stcontact b/w Europe & India paved the way for increased trade & commerce
  • Encouraged political unification of India under Mauryas


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