DMPQ- Critically evaluate the main objectives, nature and outcome of the Bhoodan and Gramdan movements.

The objective was the extension of the upliftment of the landless class, especially the Harijans. Example in action, of the principle of distribution of wealth and not concentration of wealth in a few hands (39b and 39c)

The unique feature of the VINODA BHAVE initiative was not being based on a legislation or involvement of the government. He influenced the people, through propagation, plea and motivation via trusteeship model (with ‘KRISHNA’ as the owner).
The nature was peaceful, through rallies, visiting several areas and convincing the people for the noble cause without any rigor. The very nature made it a well penetrated movement touching the life of several Indians after the Salt Satyagraha. It was truly Ganadhian in nature. It targeted to influence the economic structure/land holding pattern of the country and also the mind—thus making it more inclusive and sustainable.

  • Bhoodan Gramdan movement was one of the novel attempts made at the solving the land problems during the post independence period. Vinoba Bhave started the movement aiming at the redistribution of the land in the favour of the welfare of the deprived sections.
  • The voluntary proposal of land donation by RamChandra Reddy, local landlord of the Pochampalli village to meet the needs of the land for the Harijans made Vinoba Bhave realize the potential of such a move in solving the land problem in India and thereby ensuring a more equitable society.
  • The movement turned into a mass movement akin to the Gandhian movements during the national movement. It gradually transformed into the Gramdan movement leading to donation of the villages for the general welfare of the village and redistribution among the land deprived sections.
  • It also led to the re-emergence of the Gandhian ideals of the socio economic reconstruction and provided a non violent method to ensure a solution to the land distribution in India.
  • Though the movement achieved great fame due to its novel approach, yet there were certain areas where the movement did not achieve success. The movement was not successful in the non tribal areas.
  • The Bhoodan-Gramdan movement did not only provided a harmonious solution to the redistribution of the land but was also instrumental in the reviving the Gandhian values

The outcomes were good in terms of influence on the people and in terms of acres given as DAN. People wilfully submitted the land without any monetary exchange, being the biggest success of the movement. But the success was concentrated to certain pockets. Also the land given away was of inferior quality, thus undermining the amount of land given. The impact of the movement didn’t go that well, neither in uplifting the landless nor moral change it envisaged. But the influence and people answering to the call of the leader was a great success.

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