DMPQ-Differentiate between the reform and revivalist movement.

While the reformist movements strived to change the fundamental system and structures of the society through gradual changes within the existing institutions; revivalist movements tended to revive former customs or practices and thus take the society back to the glorious past.

Reformist movement responded with the time and scientific temper of the modern era. The spread of Western education and liberal ideas were the main reasons for the emergence of reform movements in India. Revivalist movement believed that the western thinking and missionary propaganda will ruin Indian culture and ethos and thus there is need to protect religion.

Some major reformist movements were Brahmo Samaj, Prathna Samaj, Satya shodak Samaj,Aligarh movement, Young Bengal movement.

Revivalist movements: Arya Samaj, Deoband movement


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