DMPQ-Discuss the contribution of Indian National army in Indian freedom struggle.

The Indian National Army (INA) was an armed force formed by Indian nationalists in 1942 in Southeast Asia during World War II. Its aim was to secure Indian independence from British rule. It formed an alliance with Imperial Japan in the latter’s campaign in the Southeast Asian theatre of WWII.

The army was first formed in 1942 under Mohan Singh, by Indian PoWs of the British-Indian Army captured by Japan in the Malayan campaign and at Singapore. It was revived under the leadership of Subhash Chandra Bose after his arrival in Southeast Asia in 1943.

Its contributions:


  • Army for independence: First of such armed movement against mighty British empire which shook them to the core.
  • Self belief: INA gave us self belief that even Indians are not just nonviolence preachers and can strike if needed.
  • International support: It was able to get support from foreign nations making our independence an international
  • It arouse nationalism in Indian diaspora of Malaya, Singapore and amalgamated them.
  • Instilled sense of pride among prisoners of war to fight for right cause.
  • IT launched a successful Burma campaign against allied forces and the frontier of India in Manipur in 1944.
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