DMPQ- Discuss the significance of Karachi session of congress in India’s freedom struggle.

. The Gandhi-Irwin pact was criticised by radical nationalists, for Gandhiji was unable to  obtain from the Viceroy a commitment to political independence for Indians; he could obtain merely an  assurance of talks towards that possible end. It was organised even as many Congress leaders opposed  the Gandhi-Irwin pact, for the government had not accepted even one of the major nationalist demands  (viz – demand for police enquiry, return of confiscated peasant lands). It had not agreed even to the  demand that the death sentence on Bhagat Singh and his two comrades be commuted to life  imprisonment. It was termed as a bourgeoise agreement, which ignored masses. However, the session  aimed at approving Gandhi Irwin Pact.

Gandhiji prevailed upon the session to approve the agreement. He was greeted with black flag and  flowers by angry protestors. Further, Gandhiji and Congress as national representatives in that  congress was disputed by three sections – Muslim League, Princly states and BR Ambedkar (he  accused congress of ignoring the welfare of lower castes).   However, the session is significant from following point of views:

  • It endorsed Delhi Pact or Gandhi Irwin Pact
  • For the first time it moved a resolution on Fundamental Rights and the draft resolution was prepared by Jawahar Lal Nehru (session was presided over by Vallabhai Patel)
  • It for the first time explained the concept of Purna Swaraj and reiterated it as goal
  • It also declared that interests of minority will be looked after and their culture will be preserved
  • It acknowledged the brave sacrifice of Bhagat Singh and others


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