DMPQ- . Discuss the Social impacts of industrial revolution on Britain.

The capitalism possibly was grown by the technology change. Before the Industrial Revolution, the people who lived in Britain might suffer from the worse quality of living conditions. The industrialist affected the decline of the traditional handicraft. Some scientists had come up with mind and invented several new productions. Owing to the new inventions, the facilities of production were improved. The factories used the latest facilities to produce and benefited from the technology changed. The system of manufacturing promoted the capitalism built up during the Industrial Revolution.

The nation’s social structure was changed during the revolution. Before the Revolution the majority of the people lived in small villages, working in agriculture or workshops. Their hands were treated as working tools in that time. In fact, about three quarters of Britain’s population lived in the countryside, and the predominant occupation was farming. However, during the industrial revolution there were many people worked at the new factories. These have to move to towns and cities in order to be close to their new jobs. It also meant that they worked for a long time but got the less money from the industrialists. As the 75% of early workers were women and children, they had to send out to work. Most classes ultimately benefited from the huge proceeds that were being made, and most workers were got better wages by 1820.

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